So I've set up a blog...


Hello, world!

I'm Duncan, a software nerd from Toronto.

At writing, my work has me primarily developing in React, with some Go when I need to fix our backend.

At home, I use PowerShell everywhere, and it or Go for automating things.

An (incomplete) listing of langauges and technologies I've used, in no particular order:

A list of tools/technologies I want to use, also in no particular order:

For the less technical stuff I'm into, I'm on Tumblr. I've been there since 2014 (oh god, a decade?) and I never left. I'm proud to have cost Verizon $3.

This blog

This is going to be the technical nerdery blog. Things I find interesting, opinions, things I'm proud of, etc, with one common denominator: technology.

Things I'm probably going to write about in the future:

Other blogs I'm inspired by: